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02/05/2016 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 1/16 Altro


Rimuove efficacemente la CO₂ durante la produzione di Nitrox con sistemi a membrana B-NITROX di BAUER: Chi desidera produrre in modo economico elevate quantità di Nitrox, il gas respirabile arricchito di ossigeno, opta in genere per un sistema B-NITROX basato su una membrana di BAUER KOMPRESSOREN. Altro

01/02/2016 – BAUER at the boot show 2016

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN stand, in an all-new design, was a magnet for visitors. Products on display included the debut of the PE-MVE, a soundproofed stationary system with output of up to 300 l/min offering outstanding cost-effectiveness. The eye-catching aquarium design of the system’s side doors also helped to attract a constant stream of interested visitors. Altro

17/01/2016 – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Gulf, Dubai at INTERSEC, a tradeshow for security, safety and protection

Intersec is the leading international meeting platform for Security, Safety and Protection held at Dubai World Trade Centre. For 18 years Intersec has proven to be the No. 1 business platform in the MENA region and beyond, seeing 31,000 visitors from 122 countries. Altro

11/01/2016 – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN INDIA: NobleExchange chooses BAUER for their state-of-the-art Biogas plant in Pune

7th Jan 2016 saw the successful beginning of a first of its kind public private partnership (PPP) in India in the area of waste management. Altro

02/11/2015 – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australia – CAVPOWER CAT – Impianto per test su motori a gas naturale compresso CAT Engines in Australia

Nell’autunno 2015 è stato ufficialmente aperto l’impianto CAVPOWER CAT ad Adelaide, nell’Australia del Sud, alimentato con apparecchio di riempimento GNC 45 di BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australia. Altro

14/10/2015 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 3/15 Altro

01/10/2015 – BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS (France) 30th Anniversary

On 1st October 2015 we celebrated BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS 30th Anniversary with over 50 customer and guests on its premises in Aix-les-Bains, France. Altro

04/09/2015 – Firefighting under pressure

Firefighters need to have top physical fitness even for “normal” operations. And fitness becomes even more essential when they need to wear breathing apparatus during fires or in contaminated environments – and have to carry equipment that can easily exceed 30 kilos in weight. Altro

24/07/2015 – BAUER GROUP funds new Wendy house for Temenos centre in Gelting / Geretsried (Germany)

Dr Bayat and Mr Bauer visited the Temenos House, which opened in May 2015, in Gelting today. The centre has space for 18 babies, plus 38 playschool places and 16 after-school care places. Altro